StoneAge WJTA–Approved Field Verification (FV) Training

With two WJTA Verified Trainers (VT) on staff, we are equipped to deliver Field Verification (FV) training and certification at our StoneAge Texas training facility.

That's a lot of acronyms! Let us explain.

The Waterjet Technology Association (WJTA) has developed a Hydroblaster Training and Certification Program for new hire operators, covering safe and effective high-pressure cleaning in accordance with WJTA’s Orange Book. Upon successful completion of the course, operators receive credentials that can be easily verified across the United States. This is an important step for the advancement of waterjetting safety and standard practices in the industry.

How it works

  • WJTA Foundational Training (FT) Not offered by StoneAge
    A three-hour introductory computer-based course covering recommended safety practices in the high pressure industrial cleaning industry. FT certification must be achieved prior to Field Verification (FV) – contact the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) or your nearest Reciprocal Safety Council for scheduling.

  • WJTA Field Verification (FV)
    Eight hours of hands-on instruction and skills assessment in manual waterjetting methods. StoneAge’s experienced Verified Trainers will lead students through Pre-Job Inspection, PPE, Shotgunning, Flex Lancing, Rigid Lancing, and Line Moleling. New hires will learn how to perform waterjetting work properly, effectively, and what to do in order to stay safe in the field.

  • Visit the WJTA website for full details about their training and certification program.

Increasing safety and standardized waterjetting practices across the industry.

Interested in WJTA FV?

Through 2020, we are offering WJTA FV & Science and Technique as a complete training package.