It just became easier to get your operators trained and safe in the field.

In this online course, waterjet operators will learn safe, standardized practices including:

  • How to avoid water jet cuts

  • How to work safely and effectively around high pressure equipment

  • How to apply safe procedures in the field every day

  • Available globally where industry accreditation is not an option, the Waterjetting Safety Foundations online course is an affordable way to train operators on safety principles recognized by the Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Waterjetting Safety Overview

    • Introduction

    • Waterjetting Basics

    • Quiz: Waterjetting Basics

    • Industry Best Practices for Safe Waterjetting

  • 2

    High Pressure Equipment Overview

    • High Pressure Pumps

    • Quiz: High Pressure Pumps

    • High Pressure Shotguns

    • Quiz: High Pressure Shotguns

    • High Pressure Hoses

    • Quiz: High Pressure Hoses

    • Equipment Considerations

    • Quiz: Equipment Considerations

  • 3

    Job Safety

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Waterjet Injury Prevention

    • Quiz: Job Safety

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