About this course

StoneAge brings decades of experience in high pressure tool engineering and industry experience to the training arena.

Our comprehensive program is designed to educate your team in the safe and efficient use of waterjetting tools, safety equipment, automated systems, and job optimization. Our instructors can tailor training specifically to your company’s needs and travel to your location to work with your team and equipment on site.

  • Waterjetting Safety
    Fundamental waterjetting safety concepts for operators and crew leaders, including risk assessment, job site preparation, proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), high pressure systems and tooling, and introduction to waterjet physics and forces.

  • Recommended Practices for Waterjet Applications
    Explores the application of waterjetting for effective cleaning of industrial pipes and tubes/exchangers, drains and sewers, tank and vessel cleaning, surface cleaning and preparation, and hydrodemolition. Safety considerations and job optimization are covered for each application.

  • Waterjetting Science and Technique
    Provides a deeper understanding of the science of waterjetting and how to apply physical concepts for optimal job efficiency. Topics include understanding pump horsepower and pressure loss, fitting and hose identification, material jettability and quality jetting, effects of upstream conditions, rotation, standoff, and dwell time.

Social proof: testimonials

Critical thinking, applied

Ryan Newman, Augusta Industrial Services

The training we received from StoneAge helped our employees better understand how to apply critical thinking and to troubleshoot the process problems that sometimes happen in the field. I would certainly recommend this training for anyone working in the waterblasting industry.

Shared passion for knowledge

Mani Khaghani, Bison Solutions

I connect with the vision of your company, the passion and knowledge… I was excited because my people were excited. They had fun learning during the training course, and that was the best part of it.

Faster, better, safer

Rick van Heuven van Staereling, Reym B.V.

My team loves StoneAge equipment and they are confident when using it on-site because they’ve had extensive instruction on how to set it up and use it for faster, better, safer cleaning results. We appreciate StoneAge’s hands-on training program.

Showing up is key

Curtis Shiner, Terrapure Environmental

StoneAge Training contains great information for new and experienced employees. This training will really help my guys because showing up on-site with the right equipment and tools for the job is key.

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