StoneAge training in waterjet theory and practice

Advanced training that’s guaranteed to teach even the most seasoned waterjetters new concepts for more productive cleaning. This technical course explains concepts and calculations that can be immediately applied to optimize job efficiency.

If you’re not already an expert in the following topics, let us help you get there:

  • Material jettability

  • Maximizing high-pressure pump horsepower

  • Minimizing pressure loss

  • Backthrust

  • Jet impact and standoff distance

  • Nozzle selection

  • Rotational benefits and rotation speed

  • Jetting and pressure calculators

  • Upstream conditions

  • Fittings and adapters

More effective cleaning

Ryan Newman, Augusta Industrial Services

StoneAge Training equipped our employees with the knowledge of how to most effectively select the tools and jetting configurations to use on any combination of automated equipment, lance size, and material type. We learned that through proper configuration, some of the tools and equipment we had available would actually provide a more effective cleaning solution over our current practices.

Waterjetting Science and Technique

Get ready to take your cleaning operations to the next level.