The Future of Exchanger Tube Cleaning

Clean heat exchangers faster, safer, easier, and more precisely

Sentinel Automation Technology seamlessly integrates with StoneAge's AutoBox 3L tractor and utilizes sensors to automatically clean exchanger tubes even in difficult low visibility conditions. This course covers the full functionality of the system.
StoneAge AutoBox 3L with Sentinel Automation Technology for exchanger tube cleaning

Course curriculum

  • 1

    System Overview

    • Overview of Components

    • High-pressure Water Sensor

    • Rail & Tractor Orientation

    • System Assembly

    • System Check

    • Regular Maintenance

  • 2

    Sentinel Controller

    • Connections & Start-up

    • Main Menu

    • Operation in Manual Mode

    • New Job Setup Assistant

    • AutoStroke

    • Operation Screen

    • Operation in Auto Mode

    • Manual Operation

    • Pausing & Restarting Operation

    • Adjusting the Job Configuration

    • Controller Settings

    • Sensor Calibration

    • Connecting to iPod or iPhone

  • 3

    Working with Data: Sentinel Link

    • Clean Connect and Sentinel Link